DUI License Suspension

Any DUI arrest results in a dui license  suspension know as a “summary suspension”.

This suspension is a temporary suspension of a persons driving privileges. It will start 46 days from the date the person is notified of the dui suspension. The length will depend upon whether a person took or refused chemical testing, as well as a persons prior DUI history.

DUI License Suspension for First time offender

A person who has not had a prior DUI, or dui license suspension within 5 years of this DUI, will be considered a “first time offender”.

If someone is considered a first time offender, the period of suspension will last for 6 months with a chemical test resulting in a result of .08 or higher. For any first time offender who refuses a chemical test, the suspension will last 12 months. A chemical test can be a breath, blood or urine sample.

Driving Permit

In either circumstance, a person will be eligible for a driving permit that allows them to drive during the dui license suspension without limitation. This permit is known as a “Monitoring Device Driving Permit” (MDDP).

The only condition of the permit is that the car driven must have a breath machine installed. Other than that requirement, a person can drive without any other limitation.

Breath Device

The MDDP permit is monitored by a BAIID (breath alcohol ignition interlock device). Other than the permit requiring the BAIID device, there are no other limits on driving. A person can drive anywhere, anytime and for any purpose, as long as the vehicle being driven is BAIID equipped.

Second Time Offender

If a person has a prior DUI disposition, or DUI license suspension, within 5 years of the current DUI arrest, they will not be considered a “first offender”. In this circumstance, the period of dui suspension will last for 12 months if someone took a chemical test with a result of .08 or higher and will last for 36 months for anyone considered to have refused any such testing’

Additionally, unlike the “first time offender”, a “second time offender”; cannot get an MDDP. The only option for driving relief is to have a formal hearing with the Secretary of State.

Dismissal of DUI License Suspension

Any dui license suspension can be dismissed or rescinded.

Most typically, a judge will rescind a suspension:

  • when a timely hearing to rescind the dui license suspension is not held,
  • if no probable cause existed for the arrest, and/or
  • there were not proper warnings of the consequences of taking or not a breath,or other, test.

Other situations may allow for a dismissal of a suspension, but these are the most common.

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