I was very impressed with the services I received from Steven Haney. My case was a class 2 felony and lasted over a year and during that time he always returned every single call the same day to answer my many questions. He was honest with me and did not beat around the bush with his answers.

He isn’t about telling you what you want to hear, he is about telling you the truth and the facts. Mr. Haney made sure that I was informed of everything that was going on every step of the way during the duration of my case. During the trial of my case I was very impressed with the way he fought for me and did everything he could do to give me the best possible result. I am very thankful that he was recommended to me and I would highly recommend Steven Haney to represent anyone who is in need of a great attorney for a criminal case. He showed me that he truly cares about his clients through his integrity, honesty, diligence, understanding and compassion to help those in need.


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